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Not Even Nintendo Knows When 'Super Mario Bros.' Came Out


Gamasutra recently posted one of the most hilarious articles you'll ever read about video game history: a lengthy, detailed, time-consuming, and ultimately completely futile quest to determine what day, exactly, "Super Mario Bros.

angry birds space

'Angry Birds Space' Downloaded Ten Million Times In Three Days

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I had no idea people were still into Angry Birds so much that a new version of it would garner <a href="">10 million downloads in a single weekend</a>.


Idiot Gamer Files Formal Complaint With FTC Over Crap Ending In 'Mass Effect 3'

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There's been a lot of controversy surrounding <a href="">the ending of "Mass Effect 3,"</a> if by "controversy" you mean "whining.


EA Fixes FIFA 2012 After Nearly Six Months of Hacking


Back in October, we started <a href="">covering the Microsoft/FIFA hacking scandal</a>.


Artificial Intelligences Are Building Games Now

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Your next game might be built by a machine.


'Mortal Kombat' Banned In Australia, Again


You'd think a country full of terrifying creatures would have better things to do than tell people they can't play a silly fantasy fighting game, but apparently not: the reboot of "Mortal Kombat" was denied a classification by Australia's board of prudes.

super morrissey brothers

The Smiths + Nintendo's 'Super Mario Brothers' = 'Super Morrissey Bros.'


I'm not sure what's going on here, but The Smiths seem to be enjoying some sort of rediscovery by the internet of late.


A 'Game Of Thrones' Online Video Game Is Coming

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Well this sounds rather stupendous: HBO is partnering with German gaming company Bigpoint to develop a web-based Game of Thrones video game <a href="">the Hollywood Reporter describes</a> as "a massive multiplayer online role playing game.


Game Company Hides Job Ad In Files Only Pirates Look At


You've got to give Starbreeze Studios some credit: their latest game, "Syndicate," <a href="">was a rush job</a>, but they at least had time to hide a cookie in the game for people who were thinking about stealing it.


Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games' Gets The Mario Bros. Parody It So Very Much Deserves


I remember a time not so long ago when we couldn't go a few hours <a href="" target="_blank">without typing up something about Lana Del Rey</a>.


South Korea's Anti-Bullying Solution: Angry Birds?


We've talked before about <a href="">how insanely popular "Angry Birds" is</a>, but look no further than usually game-suspicious South Korea accepting it to get an idea of what a global cultural phenomenon it is now.

ew you got some on me

Rick Santorum’s Favorite Video Game: Temple Run

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Currently, a man who thinks the government has a right to put a camera in your bedroom to find out if you're gay (no, <a href="">really</a>), is in favor of heterosexual sex <a href="">only to make babies</a>, is opposed to women in combat because of <a href="">the feelings of love and chivalry</a> it might evoke in male soldiers, and is <a href="">prone to dressing like a total dork</a> has an outside shot at being chosen as the Republican nominee for President.

bad science

WoW Is Ruining Your Relationship, Say BYU Researchers

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Researchers at Brigham Young University studied video games recently, and we're sure you'll be shocked to discover that if you spend too much time engaged in any solo activity, instead of spending time with your significant other, they get a little ticked off at you.

double fine

Studio Raises $1.4 Million On Kickstarter To Develop New Adventure Game


Double Fine is a game studio best known for "Psychonauts" and being where all the great artists from LucasArts went to make adventure games once George Lucas decided the best use of his time was to strip mine "Star Wars" for every last nickel.


Gamer Dies In Internet Cafe After Marathon WoW Session, Body Ignored By Fellow Gamers For Hours

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You have to sort of admire someone who checks out doing what they love, but this is certainly not how I want to die.


Ay, Caramba! ‘The Simpsons’ Arcade Game Is Being Re-released!


One of the great things about having modern consoles is that playing the arcade games you wasted hundreds of dollars in quarters at in bowling alleys in the '90s can be done cheaply.


100 Year-Old Lady Reveals Fountain Of Youth: Nintendo DS


Looking for a gift to get your dear old granny.

college humor

‘Breaking Bad’ Would Have Made an Awesome 16-Bit Game


College Humor is pretty consistently funny with this kind of parody, but this is one of their best if for no other reason than whoever put this together deeply loves old video games and also deeply loves "Breaking Bad.

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