Team Fortress 2 Rageaholic Caught On Tape

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08.16.10 6 Comments

“I f**king play Heavy! I demand at least one to two medics on me at all f**king times!” — ChoZo

We’re back with another epic Team Fortress 2 video (the first being Lasercat).  In this video, a player records the audio of his teammate, ChoZo, having a total rage meltdown while playing as the team’s only Heavy, with a helpful F-bomb count added to the bottom of the screen.  So many lulz to be had in this, including (in no particular order):

  • “I’m like f**king Emperor Palpatine. UNLIMITED POWER!”
  • “This isn’t strawberry.  It’s RAWBERRY!”
  • One minute in, when he’s whining about losing, a teammate starts playing sad violin music.
  • “I know kung fu.”
  • “dut dut dut dut dut dut that’s the sound of my f**king gun!”
  • “Nice job, ChoZo.” / “Nice job?  More like GREAT F**KING JOB.”

At the end of the video ChoZo calmly, rationally informs everyone, “BRB, 30 MINUTES. I NEED TO GET SOME F**KING FOOD IN ME!”  Unfortunately, he didn’t return after 30 minutes, so his heart probably exploded from the crack sandwich he ate.  You never chase a ‘roid rage with a crack sandwich.

Audio is very NSFW:

Two more videos (also very, very NSFW) available at Kotaku.

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