Ten Instant Costumes Just In Time For Halloween

By 10.22.13


Halloween is next week, and some people have been spending months carefully crafting the most awesome costume you will ever see. And some of us, like me, are screwed. If you think buying a crappy costume from a store is undignified, and trust the guy who wound up going as DJ Lance Rock because it was the only costume that fit, it is, but don’t want to half-ass it, the good news is you don’t have to.

Of course, your selection is limited and you’ll pay through the nose, but, hey, that’s what you get for waiting. Here are ten hoodies, robes, and other articles of clothing that serve as instant costumes.

Princess Leia


Does it come with the buns? Of course it comes with the buns.

Image courtesy of ThinkGeek

Optimus Prime


You can also get Megatron, Soundwave, and Grimlocke. Oh, and Bumblebee, if you hate yourself. But come on, we all know Optimus is the best.

Image courtesy of 80stees.com

Storm Shadow


OK, so it’s a little ’80s. But, hey, at least it’s got a mask to it.

Image courtesy of 80stees.com

Finn From Adventure Time


John DiMaggio not included. But then, he’s so hard to find. And yes, there are adult sizes, it’s just… well, you’ll see when you find them.

Image courtesy of Amazon.com

Classic Wolverine


You can, of course, get this in the tiger stripe and classic yellow spandex variants, but the brown and orange is the one with the best mask.

Image courtesy of 80stees.com

Minecraft Creeper


The hoodies that just zip up over your face don’t really count as “costumes”, unless you enjoy bumping into things. This actually has a mask built into it, and it’s something more current than 1990, which helps.

Image courtesy of Amazon.com



It’s not quite as cheap as “Bag-Head Spider-Man” or Forbush Man, but, hey, it gets the point across.

Image courtesy of ThinkGeek

The Black Ranger


OK, so this one will need a motorcycle helmet and some black tights to complete the effect, but hey, easy enough. Also, you can wear it in public after Halloween!

Image courtesy of Amazon.com

Tanooki Suit


We all know this is off-brand Mario, but hey, whatever keeps them from getting sued. Also, no, you can’t fly with this. For that you need a professional squirrel suit.

Image courtesy of 80stees.com

Black Mesa Victim


This and a plush headcrab stuck to your head, and you’re good to go.

Image courtesy of ThinkGeek

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