Spider-Man Goes Commando For These Three New Clips From 'The Amazing Spider-Man'

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What? You’ve never seen a Spider-Man freeballin’ it before?

We have three new clips from The Amazing Spider-Man which were released as a tie-in with Kellogg’s and Keebler products, where you aim a smart phone at the box and the clip plays, which makes sense because people who like Eggo f–king love Spider-Man. That’s just science.

More importantly, we’ve have a video of the film’s star Andrew Garfield on Ellen talking about the suit. They show pictures of him in the tight-fitting costume while the audience hoots (sexual harassment is awesome as long as you holla at somebody famous).

Then Garfield reveals that he couldn’t wear underwear under the Spidey suit. I’m telling you this now so you can think about it while watching the three clips below. Good luck getting that out of your head, ever. You’re welcome.

Stupid sexy Spider-Man.

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