The Hobbit Trailer Gets A Much-Needed Sweding

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01.11.12 3 Comments

I may have confused the type of “Sweding” they meant.

Monkey with a Mustache Entertainment have put together a sweded trailer based on the first trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, but they made a few changes from the original to set it ahead of a routine sweding. I won’t spoil the jokes, but I vastly prefer/loathe the dwarven song in this version.

The parody is directed by Jerry Belich and Melissa Kaercher, who also had roles in the trailer along with Thad Dahlberg, Eryn Hildebrand, Rebecca Walpole, and Viktorija Kristupaitis. That’s an awfully large kazoo orchestra.

[Bork bork bork to TheMarySue.]

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