‘The Witcher 3’ Is Coming And It’s Going To Be 30-Times Bigger Than ‘The Witcher 2’

I’ll admit, I haven’t played any Witcher gamers, but I hear they have like, swearing and boobs in them, both of which I’m totally into, so maybe I ought to give the just-now-announced The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt a try.

Witcher developer CD Projekt RED describe The Witcher 3 as an open world, “next gen” RPG, with a world 30-times larger than The Witcher 2. That sounds pretty big, but then as far as I know The Witcher 2 took place in a single room. A room really full of swearing and boobs. Man, this writing about a series you haven’t played is hard.

Anyways, hit the jump for a teaser trailer, a behind the scenes video and some art…

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Okay, that wasn’t terribly illuminating. Hit the second page for a video with a little more information…

Page 2

Holy s–t, did everyone catch that guy 25 seconds in? Clearly this game is in the proper hands. Here’s a few pieces of art…

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will arrive sometime in 2014. So, any Witcher fans out there excited by this announcement? Make yourselves known and let me know how dumb I am for wasting my time with Japanese RPGs, when I should be playing boob filled European RPGs.

via Game Informer & Kotaku

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