There Were Going to Be “Enterprise” Movies?

05.05.11 6 years ago

Paramount has spent most of the last ten years or so essentially mugging Trekkies for their lunch money before finally giving them a Dear John letter with J.J. Abrams’ “Star Wars”. Seriously, who fondly remembers “Voyager”? We’re pretty sure even that guy who played Harry Kim wishes he’d never been on it, and he was in a movie with Xander from Buffy about a killer Tiki doll.

Anyway, “Enterprise” started off agonizingly bad, but towards the end, once they’d fired the writing staff who came up with ideas like “Hoshi has a nightmare about teleporters!” and “28 Days Later with Vulcans!” and gotten Manny Coto on board, the show was actually becoming worthwhile. Which meant, of course, it was fated to get canceled.

But apparently the plan was not to just run them on TV, but to actually make movies once the show had completed its allegedly triumphant run. At least according to Scott Bakula, talking at FedCon.

Bakula doesn’t have much to say beyond “Paramount was planning a bunch of Enterprise movies”. We’re assuming that these scripts were never written once it became clear there really is a point where you can push Trekkies too far and they’ll stop watching.

Still, it’s nice to see Paramount was going to at least try before they went the reboot route.

[ via the Tholians at Blastr ]

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