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11.18.11 2 Comments

Why We Must Save ‘Community’: The Venn Diagram |UPROXX|

The NY Times Continues Its Hilarious War On Taylor Lautner |UPROXX|

The Top 5 Tablets For Holiday 2011 |Smoking Section|

Michael Bay demands Big Macs |Film Drunk|

Whoops, We Forgot About The Murderer Part |With Leather|

Hell Yes: Buscemi & the Black Keys on ‘SNL’ |Warming Glow|

Catvertising Is The New Advertising |UPROXX|

Wait Till You See Her Ping Pong Ball Trick |With Leather|

Crotchless Panties. You Know, For The Kids |Warming Glow|

Tell Your Dad: There’s A ‘Mork & Mindy’ Porn |Film Drunk|

Worst. Doctor. Ever. |Geektress|

Windows Phone 7 Ad: By Apple? |NextRound|

If Famous Duos/Groups Became Merged |Unreality|

Adult Swim Music: The Songs of China, IL |AdultSwim|

10 Fun and Offbeat Etsy Finds For Black Friday |The FW|

The TV Junkie’s Guide to the Perfect Television Viewing Schedule |Pajiba|

Ryan Gosling Fans Protest Outside People Magazine Headquarters |Buzzfeed|

Six Everyday Items that Should Require a License to Operate |The Smoking Jacket|

Tyler Perry says that Tyler Perry casting Kim Kardashian in a Tyler Perry movie about marriage was a really good idea by Tyler Perry |FARK|

VIDEO BELOW: Ruger the 2 year old Australian Cattle Dog gets in another scooter race.

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