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02.23.10 4 Comments

The Birdemic trailer melted my face off then crapped on my windshield. [Filmdrunk]

Power Ranger and three-first-names guy Jason David Frank won his second MMA bout. [WithLeather]

The Teddy Roosevelt action figure talks softly carries a big stick. [

Two and a Half Men, with the laugh track replaced by what the viewer is actually thinking. [WarmingGlow]

There is no off-season for Raiders jokes. [KissingSuzyKolber]

Wes Craven officially on board to direct Scream 4.  [InsideMovies]

25 horrifying Yahoo answers (at least some of these are fake) [HolyTaco]

“Walter Koenig hasn’t seen Boner in days, asks George Takei for help” [Fark]

Jay Leno’s new promo, remixed (NSFW audio) [NextRound]

VIDEO BELOW: The ancient art of kitty massage. [via HYST]

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