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Dutch children are hardc0re. [Wikipedia]

The next Twilight movie will have an all-CG, telepathic vampire baby that an adult werewolf wants to sleep with.  Of course it will. [Filmdrunk]

Remember when The Incredible Hulk tackled the AIDS crisis? (Not literally, but wouldn’t that have been awesome?) [ComicsAlliance]

Conan releases an official statement on the Leno shenanigans. Go Team CoCo. [WarmingGlow]

Hey, I wonder what Letterman thinks of all this? [InsideTV]

A gallery (all on one page, no stupid slideshow here) of celebrities gettin’ photobombed. [Unreality]

In an update to this story, Pierre Morel talks Dune. [ScreenRant]

Five awful suggestions of who should play Spider-Man next.  Haha, good one, guys.  Who’s in your real top five? [InsideMovies]

Vince already posted the 2008 showreel of this guy doing crazy stunts.  Now here’s his showreel from ’09:

[Banner pic via Reddit]

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