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America, F*Ck Yeah!: 20 Images To Help You Get Your Patriotism On |UPROXX|

Suspicions Confirmed: McConaughey Was Barely Acting |Film Drunk|

20 Reasons To Be Proud Of American TV |Warming Glow|

The 17 Best Songs from 1991-92, My Kindergarten Year |Smoking Section|

Frank Ocean Declares His Independence By Coming Out Of The Closet |UPROXX|

Olympic Dog Costumes? Sure, Why Not |With Leather|

An Exclusive 4th Of July Edition ‘White House Down’ Storyboard |Film Drunk|

Celebrating President Bartlet, One Of America’s Greatest Fictional Patriots |Warming Glow|

10 Examples of Karma Biting Teams in the A** |Smoking Section|

The Best Of #Larry David |UPROXX|

The Best and Worst of WWE Raw 7/2/12 |With Leather|

Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming |Film Drunk|

LEGO Settlers of Catan |Technabob|

Robot Chicken: Every G.I. Joe Sketch |Adult Swim|

The Ultimate Fireworks Fail Compilation |High Definite|

10 Badass Prints of American Historical Figures |BroBible|

22 People Who Shouldn’t Be Dressed as Spider-Man |College Humor|

An absurd fireworks safety PSA put out by the California State Fire Marshal in 1995 |GorillaMask|

VIDEO AND PICTURE BELOW: Rock, flag, and EEEEEEAGLE!!! |via Robot In Disguise and IFC|


[Pictures via IFC and Buzzfeed.]

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