This Is Why The Internet Was Invented

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02.21.11 12 Comments

A wise man once said, “The internet is for porn.”  That man may have actually been a puppet, but the sentiment remains.  However, the internet isn’t only for porn, just 37% of it is.  Really.  The other 63% exists so we can take Thom Yorke’s spastic, what-the-hell-are-you-doing dances in “Lotus Flower” and set them to inappropriate music.  But that 63% must not ever overlap with the other 37%.  Ever.  This is the exception that proves the Rule 34.
Onward to the gallery of Radiohead video parodies.  I love you, internet.

Good luck getting this out of your head.

This synchs up with Slayer a little too well.

Play us out, Keyboard Cat.
[Banner picture via EpicPonyz, four of the videos via Buzzfeed (and there’s more of them there), other videos found by us]

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