Titans, Perpetual Motion Bulldogs, And Links

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New York City Strippers Welcome Tim Tebow |With Leather|

Belvedere Vodka Hoping To Sell Vodka With Rape Jokes, Apparently |UPROXX|

Ashley Tisdale Would Like To Show You Her Butt |UPROXX|

Anderson Silva Left Speechless By Brazil’s Finest, Most Painted A$$es |With Leather|

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Kazakh athlete serenaded by Borat anthem by mistake |Film Drunk|

Continuous-Line Star Wars Drawings |Technabob|

Julian Barratt Has a Thing for Swedish Directors |Adult Swim|

Ten Video Games Viewed From a Different Perspective |Unreality|

Watch Wes Anderson’s Sony Commercial Featuring Adorable Robots |The FW|

You Can Do Side Bends Or Sit-Ups But Please Don’t Lose That Butt. “Mad Men” Is Back |Pajiba|

Batman Was Pulled Over In a Lamborghini Gallardo In Montgomery County, Maryland |Brobible|

VIDEO BELOW: Perpetual motion bulldog |via Arbroath|

[Pictures via Reddit and, uh, Reddit.]

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