Transformers Fan Makes Giant Metal Megatron

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02.28.11 2 Comments

A huge Decepticon supporter in China has built a non-functional Megatron tank out of scrap metal.  He estimates its weight at almost 5 tons.  They must not have many meth addicts in China.  That scrap metal would disappear overnight in my neck of the woods, then sales of Mountain Dew, Marlboro Reds, and Tweety Bird “attitude” T-shirts would spike.

Below are several pictures of the Megatron tank, which was made by an innovative man named, uh, Stick Figure Holding A Harp Next To A Hanging Lantern Plus Squiggly Lines And Another Stick Figure On A Table.  That’s his full name, “Sticky” for short. What?  Okay, so I can’t read Chinese.  Oh, the shame.  Why are there no after school specials about this limitation? When will Scott Baio put on a Tweety Bird shirt and tell my story?

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