True Facts About The Cuttlefish, Who Will Get Somebody Praaagnant

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10.31.13 4 Comments

True Facts About The Cuttlefish: A Reaper Cuttlefish (Sepia mestus) with typical red colouration. Picture by Richard Ling via Creative Commons license.

Ze Frank used his mellifluous voice to teach us indisputably true Morgan Freeman facts. Then he relayed more true facts about the seahorse, the tarsier, and the mantis shrimp. Now he’s back after a short hiatus with true facts about the cuttlefish. Cuttlefish? More like cuddle fish. SO ADORABLE.

Check out the completely accurate video below to learn about the many features of the cuttlefish such as its large brain, its color-changing abilities, its weird-looking eggs (called “sea grapes” by people who like sh-tty wine), and its uncanny skills at gettin’ your nose pregnant.

(Video via Ze Frank. Picture by Richard Ling via Creative Commons license.)

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