Unicycling Darth Vader Has Upgraded To Flaming Bagpipes

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Somehow I feel this choice of venue was deliberate.

Somehow I feel this choice of venue was deliberate.

You might remember a while back we found a video of a Star Wars-obsessed unicyclist in the Portland, OR area. Well, he’s back. In fact, he’s not only back, he took a page from everybody’s favorite AC/DC cover artist.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, for your edification and enlightment, here is Darth Vader, on a unicycle, playing Star Wars music on a bagpipe. That occasionally shoots fire.

You might be thinking “It’d be really handy to have a GIF of that!” And unlike most weirdos, this guy is on the marketing ball: He’s got several for your delectation.


However, this does force us to face a very serious question. Who would you rather run into on a unicycle: Darth Vader with flaming bagpipes? Or this guy?

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