Viggo Mortensen Would Totally Like to Play Aragorn Again, But Peter Jackson Forgot to Call Him

11.25.11 6 years ago

Peter Jackson’s Hobbit films are in production now, and several actors from his blockbuster Lord of the Rings trilogy such as Orlando Bloom and Cate Blanchett are set to make cameos in the new films. One person you won’t be seeing in the new movies though is the man who played Aragorn, Viggo Mortensen. Of course there must be some good reason why the star of the LoTR trilogy didn’t make the cut, right? Actually not so much. According to Mortensen they just sort of forgot to call him back.

“At one point, the producers asked if I would do it and I said sure if Aragorn is supposed to be in the bridge story because he’s not in The Hobbit. I would rather do it than see someone else do it, but I’ve never been asked and they’re shooting the movie. I’m not in it unless it there is some last-minute plan they have, but I thought I would have heard of it by now.”

Viggo…dude, I know it might be an awkward call, but when a role in what will be some of the biggest movies of the next decade is on the line, it’s okay to just pick up the phone and be like “Heeey Peter, what’s up with those Hobbit movies you’re doing?” I know you’ve moved on and have a good thing going with a new director, but Cronenberg shouldn’t have a problem with you doing an innocent little cameo.

via The Mary Sue

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