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Lady Gaga Totally Looks Like These Pigeons |Buzzfeed|

The 21 Hottest Victoria’s Secret Videos of 2011 |BroBible|

30 Facts About Children’s TV That NO ONE DENIES |Pajiba|

NES-S-Sketch Combines Two of Our Favorite Geek Toys |Technabob|

‘A Dangerous Method’ and the Most Freudian Movies Ever |Moviefone|

Adult Swim Interview: Chuck Palahniuk Breaks the First Rule of Gardening |Adult Swim|

If your secret fantasy was to lick Natalie Portman’s face, your wish has been granted |FARK|

VIDEO BELOW: HOLY SH*T CATS still makes more sense than Transformers 2. |via ObviousWinner|

[Pictures via fyeahdementia and TheFrogman.]

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