Want A Better Look at “Green Lantern”‘s Tomar Re?

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For all the griping about the suit and Ryan Reynolds not being stolid enough to play Hal Jordan, there’s one thing that everybody has got to admit: they’re not screwing around when it comes to the visual scale of this movie or getting the mythology right. Think about it: most superhero movies would feature Abin Sur and maybe Sinestro at the end. It’d be some cliffhanger where Hal would say “Well, that’s everything!” and then Sinestro shows up in a flash of green light and says “Ready to go to Oa?” Roll credits.Instead, they’re pulling the trigger and showing us Oa and a huge number of the Green Lanterns. I’ve got to admit, as a GL fan, that Tomar Re is just gorgeous. Look at it, and compare it with the Silver Age version we’ve thoughtfully included.  Is that, or is that not, a damn good interpretation of the character design?  It really feels like the character while being its own thing.

We’re looking forward to meeting Kilowog and Abin Sur.  Hell, we’re actually looking forward to Bzzd at this point.  If they put this much work into the Lanterns, this movie will be so amazing visually that we won’t care that Ryan Reynolds, unlike Hal, has a detectable sense of humor.

[ via the Blue Lanterns at io9 ]

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