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03.03.10 5 Comments

Below is the brain-meltingly awesome new video directed by James Frost, OK Go, and Syyn Labs.  The song is “This Too Shall Pass” by OK Go.  It could be the music video to bananaphone for all I care; I’d still watch it for the Rube Goldberg Machine magnificence.

When the rock band OK Go, famous for their viral videos including the spectacular and award winning “treadmills video”, wanted to feature a 4-minute long Rube Goldberg Machine in an upcoming video, they tapped Syyn Labs to build it. The requirements were that it had to be interesting, not “overbuilt” or too technology-heavy, and easy to follow. The machine also had to be built on a shoestring budget, synchronize with beats and lyrics in the music and end on time over a 3.5 minute song, play a part of the song, and be filmed in one shot. [MAKE]

And, holy crap, they actually pulled it off.  Not on the first take, judging by the amount of paint sprayed on them, but still.  Speaking of which, I just sprayed some paint all over myself when I watched this.  I’m not sure what that meant either.

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