Wii Balance Board Repurposed To Confuse Toddlers

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08.31.10 6 Comments

Researchers at Ithaca College’s “Tots on Bots” program have connected a Wii Fit balance board and a baby seat to a motorized chair to give children with mobility problems a means to get around and to mistakenly believe they have awesome telekinetic powers.  Can you imagine how disappointing a regular baby seat at the dinner table must be after riding in this pimped-out Nintendo wheelchair?

The kid steers the chair by leaning in the direction they want to move.  It has sonar built in to keep it from hitting obstacles, and there’s a separate remote control for an adult to steer the chair if the kid tries to go somewhere they shouldn’t.  Or if the adult wants to race their robot child against someone else’s robot child.  Tots on Bots. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY.  You’ll pay for the whole Wii Fit, but you’ll only lean on the edge.

One more video available and Engadget.

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