Will Arnett And Channing Tatum As LEGO Batman And Superman?

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06.27.12 2 Comments

We’re getting all sorts of cool LEGO Batman and Superman stuff lately. First there’s the video game Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes released last week. Now we’re getting updates on the LEGO movie in production for February 24th, 2014. Titled Lego: The Piece of Resistance, writer/directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller (21 Jump Street) and co-director Chris McKay (Robot Chicken) are starting to assemble a voice cast. We already knew the underrated Anna Faris would be voicing an unnamed character, and the recent casting news reveals three more welcome additions.

Chris Pratt (AKA Andy Dwyer) will play the lead and Will Arnett will voice LEGO Batman. This news is magical. Lord and Miller are also pursuing their 21 Jump Street star and Filmdrunk recurring character Channing Tatum to voice LEGO Superman.

[Chris] Pratt is locked to embody our main hero, Emmet, “an ordinary, law-abiding, LEGO mini-figure who is mistaken for the most extraordinary MasterBuilder.” With this handy skill thought to be at his disposal, higher forces have corralled Emmet into joining a group that band (snap?) together in the hopes of stopping “an evil tyrant” planning to glue the universe together. [TheFilmStage]

Please let the evil tyrant turn out to be Franklin.

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