Winners, Losers, Longboarding Gandalf, And Links

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Pictured above: a winner. Pictured below: a megaloser.

The Official WWE Wrestlemania 28 Weekend Predictions/Open Discussion Thread |With Leather|

Poll: The Eternal Deschanel Debate Continues: Zooey and Emily? |Warming Glow|

Your full plot breakdown of Step Up 4 based solely on the trailer |Film Drunk|

These Student Election Posters Will Make You Wish You Were In High School Again |UPROXX|

Birdman Talks The Handrub, Cash Money’s 100 Album Goal |Smoking Section|

Meme Watch: Bad Luck Brian Destroyed All Known Copies Of This Photo |UPROXX|

The new Superman logo is, surprise, *DARKER* and *EDGIER* |Film Drunk|

The Cats Of Memes Greatly Improve Famous Movie Scenes |UPROXX|

Presenting ‘Magic Johnson: The Gathering’ |With Leather|

James Van Der Beek: ‘Who Doesn’t Love BJs?” |Warming Glow|

15 Best Webcontents of the Week |Adult Swim|

The Lindsay Lohan Face Morph Video |High Definite|

Kate Upton Has a DIRECTV Commercial Now |BroBible|

NASA Captures Gigantic Solar Tornado on Video |Technabob|

The 10 Most Visually Stunning Games of the Last 10 Years |Unreality|

Bill Hader Dishes On ‘SNL,’ ‘South Park’ & Bill Murray |HuffPost Comedy|

50 Coolest Movie Soundtracks doesn’t include Grosse Point Blank |Fark|

“Hungry Hungry Hippos” For iPad Is Fake, But Needs To Be Real |The FW|

25 Examples Of Why April Fools Day On Facebook Is The Worst |Buzzfeed|

The 15 Best Bitch Faces of Prince Joffrey, TV’s Most Loathsome Little Sh*t |Pajiba|

VIDEO AND GIFS BELOW: Gandalf goes longboarding. |via Final Ellipsis|

[Pictures via Reddit and Reddit.]

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