More ‘Wolverine 3’ Details Have Been Revealed

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We already know Hugh Jackman is returning as Wolverine one last time in James Mangold’s Wolverine 3, which will be rated R and which producer Simon Kinberg described as “bold”, “different”, and “like a western in its tone.” Now that the film is shooting in New Orleans, Louisiana, new details about the plot and budget are being revealed.

There have been long-standing rumors — seemingly confirmed by Jackman himself — that Wolverine 3 would adapt the Old Man Logan storyline. Some characters would have to be changed, of course. Patrick Stewart has pretty much confirmed he’ll be in the film, which he’s previously described as a Professor X and Wolverine team-up movie, which sounds like Professor X could be taking Hawkeye’s role in the road trip.

Recent photos of Jackman growing out a salt and pepper beard before filming began also added fuel to the Old Man Logan specultion:

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