Young Joaquin Phoenix Waxes Chumps Like a Candle

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04.09.10 3 Comments

Joaquin Phoenix, awesome actor and not-quite-as-awesome rapper, starred as Billy Hercules in an episode of Superboy in 1989 (clip below, via Unreality).  You might be wondering why I’m posting a clip that old.  Well, it’s because it contains something that is always timely:  Joaquin Phoenix straight up murders a punk for steppin’.  Awww yeah son.  M.C. Leafy Leaf is going to write a song about this.  Casey’ll film it.  TMZ be all like, “daaaaaaaamn.”

Non sequitur trivia:  Joaquin Phoenix was once rescued from a car crash by Werner Herzog.  How were those two able to touch without melting into a pile of otherworldly goo like Ron Silver in TimeCop?

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