Zack Snyder Has Unveiled Ben Affleck’s Batman Costume, And It Looks Pretty Amazing

05.13.14 2 years ago • 70 Comments

Warner Bros.

Holy crap everybody, Zack Snyder just revealed the new Batman vs. Superman Batsuit on Twitter, and it turns out Kevin Smith and Jennifer Garner weren’t lying — the suit looks pretty damn badass. And not a nipple in sight! Let’s not beat around the Batmobile any longer, here’s the full shot of the new costume…


Warner Bros.

As rumored the suit does have a pretty strong Batman Noël feel to it…


DC Comics

…although the shape of the cowl is definitely Frank Miller influenced.

As a Batman mega fan who has never been entirely satisfied by any of the movie costumes, I have to say this is fulfilling a lot of my longtime wishes. The real test comes when we see how it moves though — will movie Batman finally have an outfit that’s not a stiff, rubbery straightjacket?

What do you folks think of the new Bat-duds?

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