These 15 Extraordinary Songs Are All About The Most Ordinary Things

02.01.16 2 years ago 8 Comments
15 Ordinary Songs


The majority of songs are about emotions. For instance, love is probably the most common theme and fittingly, heartbreak is surely second. Other general impassioned concepts like power, pain and instability fall in line right behind.

Artists are self-absorbed and impulsive by nature, so of course they write about themselves. Still, the occasional novelty song is welcomed, as creative concepts allow artists to put their songwriting and artistic vision on full display and truly see their full potential.

Below are 15 examples of artists stretching their imagination beyond themselves, turning ordinary concepts like food, unspoken interactions and other things we take for granted into extraordinary songs we’ll never forget.

Metallica – “Enter Sandman”

Typically, songs about falling asleep are nice and soothing. This Metallica classic is the exact opposite, offering driving guitar riffs that rattle bed-springs and lyrics to inspire nightmares. Maybe there’s a version with calming ocean sounds behind it?

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