50 Cent Flossing Whips That Aren’t His On MTV?

11.30.07 10 years ago 109 Comments


The Ferrari’s are unfortunately not his. He invited my friend over to his house for this and my friend let him use his cars for the episode and they were filming some music videos that day as well. The Enzo, F50, and 599 all belong to one owner which you can see pictures of his garage at www.jtphotos.net Click on Hartford Concorso 2007 and scroll the the bottom. Notice the number on the F50 windshield in the video….its on the F50 in my pics to. Also the F40 belongs to another friend with a pretty cool collection to.

I can tell you that 50 Cent has made numerous attempts at buying my friends yellow Enzo. My friend will never sell the car though. 50 Cent is in the process of looking for the right Enzo to buy.


Damn this one is interesting, both cars clearly have the same number on the windshield and the guy’s collection has all the Ferraris 50 showcased. I’m not one for rumors but the pictures are convincing. Either way 50 Cent could afford the cars if he wanted them, but is he frontin?

Video clip of the Ferrari above on 50 Cent’s MTV Cribs

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