Ab-Soul’s ‘Huey Knew’ Video Is A Sign Of The Times

Managing Hip-Hop Editor

Ab-Soul’s new video for “Huey Knew” is everything as dark and ominous as you’d expect it to be and that’s the point. The TDE rhymer’s a MC whose DNA makes him perfect for what’s going on in the country with politricks at an all-time high heading into the upcoming election, police brutality — and the public’s response to it – creating a growing fire and more. Ab’s constant reference to people keeping their third eye open matters more now that ever.

His new video puts a visual interpretation to his words as images of protests, Colin Kaepernick, confrontations between civilians and cops float across the screen along with glimpses of the song’s namesake. All the while, there’s Ab, seated in a highback chair with gun in hand similar one that Newton once used in a widely circulated pic. The references to the fallen leader in the song and video are by design. “Blackout was too simple of a title, so the first face that came to my mind was Huey,” he explained to Genius. “Not even looking at it from a racial standpoint, but just looking at an awareness from society in general.”

He continued,” All this stuff about the gun laws and the police, it’s very reminiscent of that time. I just wanted to use this hip-hop to show that we have our eyes and ears open.” No word whether his new project, supposedly titled DWTW, is ready for release by his label’s standards but, again, right now is a perfect time for Soulo’s type of rhymes.

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