Beyonce And Jay Z Reportedly Had Their Twins And The Internet Is Melting Down

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06.17.17 3 Comments

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It finally happened. According to reports, at some point earlier this week, Jay Z and Beyonce welcomed their newborn baby twins into the world. The rumors swirled that Beyonce had entered the hospital at UCLA a number of days back but nothing had been confirmed until now. I guess Jay Z was more than justified for skipping out on his induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame on this last Thursday.

Of course, with Jay being one of the most adored rap artists in the entire history of the genre and the Beyhive being one of the most hyped up fanbases in the history of music, the anticipation for this announcement has been ramped up to levels that are simply unprecedented. We don’t have royalty in America, but Beyonce and Jay Z might be the closest equivalents, and people on social media reacted to the news accordingly.

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