Every Time Beyonce’s Glorious Pregnancy Pics Took Over Instagram

and 04.29.17 10 months ago 2 Comments

Beyonce/Awol Erizku

Ever sine Beyonce announced her pregnancy earlier this year, most of the music world has been in a tailspin trying to keep up with what life will be like when the infamous Knowles-Carter family grows to five. Of course, the pregnancy meant that Beyonce had to cancel her highly-anticipated Coachella performance — don’t worry, Lady Gaga took over — but that didn’t mean that Bey stepped out of the spotlight.

Instead, the notoriously private Bey began to post more and more intimate and playful pictures of her pregnancy on her Instagram and her website — she’s opened up to her fans with the frequency of an overenthusiastic Facebook sharer. Yet, because she’s Beyonce none of this ever gets annoying, plus, it helps ward off the surrogate truthers who have literally no leg to stand on at this point.

After delivering a mesmerizing, pregnant performance at the Grammys, and losing album of the year though literally no one even the winner thought she should’ve lost it, Beyonce went on with her life, focusing on her family. While none of us know exactly when she’s due (and she probably wants to keep it that way), the big day has to be coming up soon, so let’s look at some of the more memorable moments she’s let us in on.

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