Big Sean Paid Homage To Lil Wayne For Changing Rap Forever

05.08.17 9 months ago

There’s an old saying that goes, “Don’t meet your heroes, because they’ll only disappoint.” While that prophecy has fulfilled itself a near-infinite amount of times to an endless number of people, it seems that Big Sean has been able to avoid that particularly jarring reality, at least when it comes to Lil Wayne. Sean and Weezy recently had the chance to share a live bill at San Bernardino’s Glen Helen Amphitheater for a Power 106’s PowerHouse radio event on Saturday, and while they were backstage, the Detroit rapper got a pic with Tunechi and posted it up to his Instagram with a truly touching caption.

“Man I’ll never forget what u said bout me on my song ‘Deep,'” Sean wrote. “U changed rap 4ever, God bless you!”

“Deep” is a cut from Sean’s third studio album Dark Sky Paradise. The song itself was produced by DJ Mustard and in it, Weezy indeed sounds like he’s offering his young charge a bit of advice. “F**k the finish line, just finish your lines / And if getting your point across crosses the line / Some of the time then cross it with pride / That’s real, my n***a, remember that / And it ain’t about if they remember you, they remember rap / So just spit it back and hope somebody diggin’ that / Cause this sh*t is deep, deep / Deep as empty pockets, n***a / We come empty pockets before we have empty pockets, slime / That sh*t get deep.”

Words for any MC to live by.

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