Bobby Brown’s First Brush With Drugs Was When He Made Cocaine Fried Chicken At Age 10

Life Writer
06.14.16 5 Comments


If you thought Bobby Brown detailing his sexual experience with a g-g-g-ghost was the most ridiculous story in his book, Every Little Step, guess again because it’s not. The distinction definitely goes to the tale about him finding out the hard way that his loving mother was also the neighborhood drug dealer.

It never occurred to Bobby Brown that his mom was peddling drugs to make ends meet. Not even when she had their Orchard Park projects apartment door replaced with a heavy, black metal one. According to the New Edition singer, he thought the replacement door was to keep Jehovah’s Witnesses from constantly pestering the family. “My little sister and I thought my parents were petrified of the Jehovah’s Witnesses because of how they scurried whenever the missionaries came knocking.” But no, it was because his mother, Carole Brown, was selling cocaine.

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