Bomani Jones Speaks On Old Hip-Hop Heads Who Hate Young Rappers: ‘The Kids Inherited Rap’

Hip-Hop Editor
06.26.17 9 Comments

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Poor Bomani. He just wants to crack jokes and converse about what people wore at award shows on Twitter like all of us. The difference is, he’s a national renowned public figure, who’s spent time on ESPN’s Highly Questionable, a show he just recently left to pursue other opportunities. It’s never going to be as easy as him as it is for the average Twitter user.

Exhibit A: Bomani, no fan of new jack rap, has been forced to come to the defense of Migos, after a comment he made regarding their earlier tiff with rap provocateur Joe Budden was taken out of context. He’s been on Twitter arguing with old school rap heads for the better part of an hour after he responded to a tweet that told him he was showing his age by calling Migos “new dudes.”

After he clarified his opinion, which is that the Migos actually make good music, he was swarmed by the old head army, who are apparently demanding that he rescind any forms of praise for any rappers born after 1991 who don’t overtly use primarily boom bap beats in their music and rap about how “real” they are — as the old head army is wont to do.

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