Chance The Rapper Had To Tackle An Overeager Fan Who Ran Onstage At A Show

Managing Hip-Hop Editor


Chance The Rapper’s stage show is generally an enjoyable affair filled with positive vibes and good energy. But one fan got a little too overjoyed at a recent show and nearly ruined it for everyone in attendance.

While performing in Miami on Monday night, Chance was rushed from behind from a showgoer who managed to get on stage. The guy doesn’t appear as if he wanted to do the Coloring Book rapper any harm. Instead, the man seems as if he just wanted to touch hem of the garments worn by rap’s current holy one. He’s not alone because everyone wants to get close to Chance.

Of course, Chance was in the middle of performing “Blessings” and had no idea who the guy was or his intentions. When the stage rusher ran up from behind the rapper, Chano managed to duck, spin and secure the man around the waist before slinging him to the ground, following him down in the process. Thankfully, security hit the stage quick to assist but Chance is clearly ready to remind the guy he’s from the south side of the Chi, taking his jacket off so and ready to rumble if necessary.

Chance’s takedown isn’t anywhere near the levels of violence used by Afroman or one of Action Bronson’s suplex moves, but it gets the job done. He protects himself as he should and it’s unlikely anyone would’ve found fault with him had the situation gotten worse. Fans should always remember that when rappers are on stage they’re technically at work on their jobs and they shouldn’t be disturbed no matter how exciting the moment may be. The best place for people to see the show is from afar, never from so close that they can become a threat to the person they paid to see.

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