Fonzworth Bentley Reveals Just How Easy It Was To Get Gucci Mane And Kanye West Together On ‘Champions’

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06.07.16 2 Comments

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The world’s foremost umbrella holder Fonzworth Bentley recently took to Twitter for a AMA-style back and forth with fans and a few nuggets came out of the exchange. Being the resourceful guy he is, Fonzworth is both in tune with all things Atlanta as well as a part of the Kanye West G.O.O.D Music machine. So he not only had a front row seat for the creation of Kanye’s latest posse cut “Round and Round (Champions),” featuring everybody, but he also had a hand in the whole thing.

According to Fonzworth, he’s the one who got Gucci on the song, and the way he tells it, it was pretty easy. “We were at the studio and he mentioned Gucci getting out, and I had been in Atlanta for like two weeks. So I really gave him the play by play of the significance of all the beats of what that looked like,” he recalled. “I left to go put my daughter down, I came back he already had the Gucci line in there.” he said, referring to Kanye’s quip “I’m bout to go Gucci in the Gucci store.”

“I’m like no, we gotta get him. We gotta get him on the joint,” Bentley continued.”I sent one text message, industry insider, and got an income of texts immediately. Before I knew it, I was on the phone with Gucci and I connected him to ‘Ye and the rest is history.”

The rumor is Gucci is currently on house arrest, so it’s not like he had anything else to do. Plus, who’s turning down a request to hop on a Kanye West track. Check out video of Fonzworth’s story below.

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