This Sure Looks Like Future Is Jabbing Back At Jay Z Over A Certain ‘4:44’ Line

07.03.17 7 months ago 2 Comments

Jay Z spent the build up to his new album 4:44 giving thanks to just about every rapper imaginable, saying they inspired him, but he spent the actual album sending a few stray shots at most of those same rappers. One of the rappers who took those shots most squarely on the chin was Future, and today he hopped on Snapchat and seemingly threw a quick jab back and Hov.

No, Future didn’t respond to the now infamous “In the future, other n***as playin’ football with your son,” at least not directly, it was the money phone line that got Future’s attention. Maybe they’re one in the same, and he’s not even acknowledging the phone line if the football line doesn’t exist, but either way a defiant Future and held a stack of money to his ear like a phone with a smirk and captioned the picture “U aint got the juice like that.”

Much like Boosie, it appears Future wasn’t feeling the “You’re on the ‘Gram holding money to your ear, there’s a disconnect we don’t call that money over here” thing, and is letting the world know Jay isn’t killing that trend anytime soon. And if it seems like a bit of a response to the football diss, well I’m guessing it’s meant to be that way.

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