Hillary Clinton’s Controversial ‘Meet Pusha T’ Tweet Actually Worked

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You joked, you laughed, you tweeted “WTF?,” but that “Meet Pusha T” tweet Hillary Clinton sent out in hopes of getting people registered to vote worked. Sorta. Yes, Clinton did lose the election, but the tweet led to tens of thousands registering to vote.

Karen Civil, the woman who was tasked with “making Hillary Clinton cool,” was on The Breakfast Club Tuesday morning and revealed that cringey tweet did what it was suppose to do and Pusha has no regrets about it.

“[Hillary Clinton] got so much flack when she put out the ‘Win tickets to a Pusha T concert when you register to vote.’ So many people were so mad, like, ‘Why is she tweeting about Pusha T?!’ But what people don’t know is that over 30,000 people registered to vote off of that tweet.” That’s pretty damn impressive.

And contrary to popular belief, Pusha T didn’t campaign for Hillary Clinton in a bid to get his locked up homies pardoned. Prison reform is something the rapper is very much passionate about, having already been to the White House previously to discuss President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative.

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