Here Are The Hottest Hip-Hop Tracks That Hit This Month

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The state of rap through the month of May 2017 is very good. While nothing came close to achieving the zeitgeist-grabbing force of Kendrick Lamar’s album DAMN, there was a diverse lineup of different artists from different corners of the country, and hell, different eras all putting out quality jams to soundtrack those earliest days of Summer.

The biggest release this month was Logic’s album Everybody. I’m going to be honest and just say that that one really didn’t grab my attention. While his lyrical acrobatics are indisputable, the content under the surface of his tongue-twisting flow stikes me as hollow. More power to you if you enjoyed that album — based on those first week numbers, there’s quite a lot of you out there — but you won’t find any tracks from the Maryland rapper below.

What you will find however is a choice cut from one of my favorite rap albums of 2017, G Perico’s All Blue. Brandon Caldwell’s interview with the L.A. rapper is an absolute must-read by the way. Though the album technically came out at the very end of April, because of some scheduling issues, I couldn’t include it in my last monthly round-up, thus, here it is. G-Funk was some of the first rap music that really grabbed my attention when I was a kid. Dr. Dre, N.W.A, Tupac, Warren G, etc. G Perico taps into that golden vein of music on his latest project in a way that doesn’t come off as a cheap cash-in on an older aesthetic. Speaking of which, have you heard Snoop Dogg’s new album Neva Left? The Doggfather is back on his grind and I’m here for it.

There was also some new material from Vince Staples – if his latest full-length is even half as good as Summertime ’06, everyone needs to watch out – a full album from Lil Yachty – maybe a little too full? – and the long-rumored, fresh from 2009 collaboration between T-Pain and Lil Wayne: T-Wayne. Oh, and the hardest working man in hip-hop, Gucci Mane, dropped a new tape produced by Metro Boomin. Blessings, on blessings, on blessings.

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