Is Urban Fashion Near An All Time Low?

07.02.07 11 years ago 72 Comments


I find it hard to believe the shirt pictured above retails for $350, who in their right mine will pay that price for a t-shirt? Urban fashion seems to be at a low point. Every time I go shopping with intentions to buy at least a few pair of jeans and shirts, I can barely find anything worth buying. It is not a matter of price, but a matter of uninspired designs. Back in the days you knew what brands were hot and there was always something worth buying in the stores. Now there are no brands that really stand out as hot. Instead of brands being hot, the new trend is to buy whatever you can find with a skull on it. I’m past high school mode, so I am not obsessed with brands and how much the clothes cost, but damn can I at least find some decent gear worthy of a purchase? Is it just me, what do you guys think? What brands do you think are popping and flopping?

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