Jay Electronica Tried To Make Amends With Kendrick Lamar And 50 Cent

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04.25.16 6 Comments
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Jay Electronica’s had a change of heart in regards to his feelings towards Kendrick Lamar and 50 Cent. On Saturday, the New Orleans native decided to make atonement for his previous remarks directed at Lamar and 50. He wrote on Twitter, “Peace to K. Dot and TDE because regardless to whom or what we are brothers fighting the same enemy. forgive my past transgressions” In a subsequent tweet, he also sent blessings to his Queens nemesis by writing “Peace to 50 as well. That’s my brother and I love him. I’m just waiting for him to let his greatness shine.”

For those short on memory, Electronica let the Henny do the talking on Periscope and hilariously threatened to smack Curtis’ eyeballs loose. He also went on to down-talk Lamar by saying “Kendrick is my son, Kendrick is my baby, Kendrick wishes he could be me.”

Later, he released a lightweight diss track titled “The Curse of Mayweather.” While 50 laughed off comments – “Who is that?” was his response, Kendrick sent back a veiled jab on the track “untitled #7.”

The thing with Curtis was lacked any potential beyond his usual barrage of memes but a lyrical sparring match between Jay Elec and K. Dot could’ve been very cool and healthy for both artists. There might be a less than 30% chance of any violence taking place, which would make it a safe “beef” to watch go down. Now, we’ve been robbed of that entertainment.

But just because the beef is over before it really even kicked off, that doesn’t mean any songs recorded between February and now have been completely wiped off the hard drives. TDE’s probably keeping at least a couple stashed for the next time Elec gets loose with his words.

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