Joey Badass Destroyed Hip-Hop’s Generation Gap At The Greek Theatre

Hip-Hop Editor
07.11.17 2 Comments

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I missed half of Joey Badass’ set last night.

LA traffic can be accounted for, but it can never be defeated. Then there’s the parking situation, getting tickets at will-call, and the rest of the rigamarole involved in getting into a show in one of the biggest entertainment cities in America. I’d driven from Compton to Hollywood, spent $25 on parking just to park on dirt — two days after I’d washed my car — and needless to say, I was one cranky old man by the time I made it to my seat.

So, even though I was disappointed I missed half of Joey Badass’ set last night, what I did see made it all worth it. I wrote earlier this year how Joey wasn’t just “bringing real hip-hop back,” but blazing the trail for where hip-hop should go in the near future with his new album, All-Amerikkkan Badass. Joey’s music holds a cross-generational appeal that transcends age with sincerity, depth, and range. This became even more evident watching his energetic set, which included hits like “Devastated,” that closed the show, and “Legendary,” which he told the crowd he was performing for the first time live that night.

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