Joey Badass Shares His Thoughts On The State Of Hip Hop

12.13.13 4 years ago 23 Comments


Negus dont appreciate real music anymore. y’all nikkkaz be making pure noise. if it dont hit my soul i cant feel it. Very unsatisfied with the state of rap/hip hop. What gets me mad about a lot of these rappers is that they’re the “role models” for all these kids out here and they preach pure ignorance. Random.. but they got nikkas running NY radio who aint even from NY! what type of shit is that. thats y all this doo doo being played. Thats y i respect @funkflex tho theres levels to this shit and you cant tell that man nothing he puts on for his city he plays what he wants. How you promote molly in your fuckng song and then when nikkaz see you and ask you where the mollys at you have no eyedea. these nikaz fake. im tight at hip hop for this whole molly epidemic as well. iits been out for years but fucking rap donkeys make it popular that shit not coo. NY hip hop aint fucking dead tho dipshitz. its been alive and well yall just aint listening in the right areas. yal only see whats given 2 u.

I dont think im ever signing to a major. They can reimburse this dick in they throat. I think about it everyday like yo i can really go to any label and become a millionaire today…. but im not willing to give up my freedom and its clearly not about the $ to me. Just know what the long term goal is… WORLD DOMINATION
Joey Badass

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