Kamaiyah Pushed Back Her ‘Don’t Ever Get It Twisted’ But Shared The Regal Cover Art

04.20.17 9 months ago

Getty Image

Ah, man! Just when it looked like Kamaiyah’s next mixtape was on the way, it’s been pushed back. The Oakland, California, rapper announced on Thursday that we won’t be getting her Don’t Ever Get It Twisted mixtape like promised on Friday. Instead, she has to wait to get some of the samples cleared.

Nevertheless, she took to Instagram to reveal the mixtape’s cover art (adding the Lil Wayne-esque hashtag #sorryforthewait in the caption). The photo has Kamaiyah sitting nobly on a golden wicker throne. Two columns hold statuesque lions on either side of her — most likely symbolizing her greatness. She wears a tiger-print jacket, just in case the big cat theme didn’t soak through the first time and didn’t have you dreaming of her lyrical prowess. Kamaiyah stares down the camera, and therefore, us, begging haters to take her on.

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