Kanye West Is Reportedly Readying Yeezy Season 5 Just In Time For NY Fashion Week

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Kanye West is reportedly ready to unveil his latest fashion collection to the world. According to a report by Page Six, West is eyeing February as a possible date for Yeezy Season 5 as part of New York Fashion Week.

“He sounded great,” an unidentified source was reported as saying after holding a conversation with Kanye. “He said he was trying to put less stuff on his schedule and be a little bit more restful. He’s scheduling less meetings and he said he was feeling much better.”

The source also noted that Kanye’s “still going 100 miles per hour with work,” but he’s cut back some of his workload and the slate of meetings he usual tries to tackle. It’s also noted that he’s supposedly “launching another apparel line” aside from his Yeezy collection, which is probably related to his expanding partnership with adidas that was expected to see his designs move into the world of sports.

The news comes, of course, after ‘Ye’s had his share of public ups and downs both privately and professionally. But, with things in his personal life appearing to be back in order, the artist known for his passionate work ethic wants to make his return to fashion with the release of his latest collection. From many reports, Kanye never really slowed down with his creative pursuits while he’s been away from the scene, with multiple reports indicating he was working on new music and sketches for his clothing line while he was hospitalized and setting up a home studio to record music shortly after he returned home.

Of course, his next Yeezy Season show will be under a whole lot of scrutiny after the presentations for Seasons 3 and 4 were total opposites in terms of how they went over in the eyes of critics and the public. While the well-received Season 3 show was highlighted by the debut of The Life of Pablo, Season 4 was a debacle no one wants to see replayed again after it was marked by models passing out from the heat and dehydration, faulty shoes and an overall lack of organization. Let’s hope whatever he has planned next takes its cues from Season 3, maybe using the show as a chance to share some of the music he’s supposedly been working on.

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