Kehlani Channels Her Inner Harley Quinn In Her New Video For ‘Gangsta’

08.08.16 1 year ago

The consensus around the internet is that Kehlani’s next album is becoming highly anticipated. You Should Be Here came out over a year ago, and since then we’ve received a few tracks here and there. She recently returned with “CRZY,” followed it up with “Distraction” and now a Suicide Squad soundtrack placement with “Gangsta,” and the accompanying video.

There’s a lot of opinions about Suicide Squad going around. The mixed reception from the media and fans alike couldn’t stop DC’s latest flick from being a hit in the box office. No matter what your stance is on the movie, there’s one thing you can’t criticize: the movie’s soundtrack. A lot of films don’t have strong soundtracks anymore, and that’s because not much thought is put into them. With Suicide Squad, Atlantic Records worked to get plenty of exclusives from Kevin Gates, Lil Wayne, Action Bronson, and more. It provided an incentive to listen.

What makes “Gangsta” a perfect soundtrack record is it follows the concept of Harley Quinn’s relationship with The Joker, but with her own added twist. I don’t think anybody looks at The Joker as a gangster, but Kehlani warps that for her take on the song without straying too far from the source material. It may be for the soundtrack, but this one has potential to go much further. The video definitely helps that cause with Kehlani projecting herself into Harley Quinn’s mindset.

Kehlani could release an album this year, or wait until 2017. She’s at that point in her career where taking her time isn’t damaging. In fact, she’s only grown a lot more in the time since her debut album. People still play that, and they’re going to play the three songs she’s released this year. The anticipation continues to build.

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