Kehlani Kicked Someone Out Of A Show For Shouting ‘Kyrie’ At Her

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Fan yells "Kyrie" during concert, #Kehlani kicks them out

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Even in an era where stars regularly share insight into their mental health struggles, Kehlani’s story has been something else. The singer attempted suicide after the dissolution of her relationship with Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving and her fans rallied around her as she attempted to get her life back on track. Knowing the hardships that the singer has gone through — and the way her fanbase continues to support her — shouting “Kyrie!” at the singer during a show is the mark of someone who is both incredibly callous and incredibly stupid. And one look at this fan-shot clip will show that they were dealt with about how you would expect.

The Sweet Sexy Savage singer chucked out a concert attendee after he decided to remind her of one of the lowest points of her life between songs. Utilizing her diehard fanbase and venue security, the singer pointed out and removed the heckler over the cheers of the crowd.

Kehlani has struggled recently with the strains of touring, cancelling shows and entire tour legs due to various mental and physical health crises. And though she seems to be on the right track with singles like “CRZY,” you can’t really blame her for reacting strongly to someone trying to drag her down like that.

On a happier note, the alt-R&B singer was part of the massive wave of adoration for her fellow oddball SZA when she finally shared her debut album.

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