Kembe X Displays ‘Excellence’ On His New Single

06.07.16 2 years ago

Kembe X’s name was thrown into the TDE pot of new artists earlier this year when Top Dawg made the announcement that include two john doe names. One of those turned out to be Lance Skiiiwalker, and the other remains unknown. Unless the west coast powerhouse label is trying to throw everyone off the trail, it might be safe to say Kembe isn’t the second new signee based on “Excellence.”

The song was released exclusively through Hot New Hip Hop, and it’s not TDE’s style to do that. If he was signed, we’d see some kind of unique marketing tactic announcing it, not through websites. In the long run, Kembe might work better not under the growing, over-crowded roster over at TDE. He’s gotten this far in his career without their machine, and can keep going.

If there’s one thing you walk away with today, it’s that Kembe X’s “Excellence” is banging. He’s lyrically up to par with lhis ast single. The production is memorable as well with the guitar stringing throughout and drums used just enough. His next album can’t come soon enough.

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