Kendrick Lamar’s Rapping Is Almost Perfect — There’s Just One Annoying Thing

08.31.17 5 months ago 41 Comments

Getty Image / Uproxx

Kendrick Lamar is an insanely talented rapper. His creativity extends to the very construction of his albums, and he’s well-known as one of rap’s most electrifying entertainers onstage.

With that being said, although Kung-Fu Kenny deserves all of the accolades and superlatives being piled onto him like a spoiled kid’s presents at Christmas, there’s a dark side to being so well-beloved and magnified.

Simply put, the more perfect you’re perceived to be, the more any flaw at all stands out. Think about a near-flawless diamond with the tiniest chip reducing its value, or how a pothole in a smooth stretch of fresh asphalt feels like driving over a landmine — that’s what I’m talking about here.

In the case of our boy Kendrick, for all of his technical wizardry, he’s had one bad habit he just can’t seem to kick. By the way, yes, I do recognize that this is nit-picky in the extreme, but that’s just how the game is played. It’s only because Kendrick is so damn good at rapping that this tendency sticks out like a hitchhiker’s sore thumb.

The thing that Kendrick does that chips away at his near-flawless delivery is this: Every once in a while, he’ll attempt to use a multi-syllabic rhyme scheme, but forget to make it make sense. Now, I have absolutely no qualms about free association, stream-of-consciousness rhymes, where each line may not necessarily follow the same line of thought. I’m talking about lines where the actual meaning gets lost in translation due to forcing a needlessly complex rhyme or filler word into the equation just because it sounds nice.

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