DJ Khaled Wanted Jay Z On ‘I Got The Keys’ So Badly That He Bought A Condo

Life Writer
07.22.16 2 Comments

Some people have all the luck. It took Pusha T a simple email to get Jay Z on “Drug Dealers Anonymous.” Mutual friends and a phone call resulted in the rapper hopping up Fat Joe’s “All The Way Up.” For DJ Khaled, however, it took ambition and the patience of Yoda to secure a Jay Z guest verse.

The Miami staple claims he bought a piece of New York City real estate just to get close enough to the busy icon and score a rare feature. Speaking with Music Choice, Khaled said it took him years to get Jay Z on a record, but it wasn’t until he showed how thirsty he was for a verse from the greatest rapper of all time that Jay came around. “It took me years to get Jay Z to do a record for me,” Khaled says. “It’s not like he didn’t want to do it. I just had to make it known I wanted Jigga on my record.” And you do that with a condo.

“I basically got a condo in New York City for a whole year to stay close by him and let him know how hungry I was for that verse, he admits. “So I went in studio every day. He was recording his album and I appreciate him letting me be around and capture that greatness, but at and at the same time I was hustling too, you know what I am saying. I wanna get that verse in. It was a year process.” Meanwhile, I can’t even make it through Netflix episode countdowns.

Khaled’s sacrifice was all worth it, though. Not only did he land a coveted Jay Z verse on “I Got The Keys”, but Jay eventually took rap game Deepak Chopra on as his client, serving as his manager which lead to Khaled scoring an opening act gig on Beyonce’s Formation tour.

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